The Sculptor’s Tools

Sculptors work in a variety of materials and need many different tools for their work. A sculptor that works mainly with stone will need chisels and hammers. The chisels come in a variety of shapes to create the lines needed. Some of these chisels will be straight. Others will be curved or v-shaped for deep cuts. Hammers also come in a variety of sizes. If the sculptor needs a light tap on their chisel, they use a very small hammer that weighs little. As the cuts get deeper or larger, a heavier hammer is needed.

For sculptors that work with metal, they often need a way to cut and join their metal pieces. Many of them use welding tools to accomplish their work. Hand torches are used for soft metals that are easily shaped. Oxy-acetylene welders are used when the metal is dense or difficult to cut. Shaping is done with a variety of tools such as hammers and pliers. Some sculptors shape their metal with blacksmith tools such as an anvil and hammer.

From the Mind to Reality

Producing art is a process for many artists.


Using a Forge

Heat is a good way to shape metal.


The Artists Hands and Eyes

In order to create a work of art, the artist must often use tools to accomplish their task.